Tighten Body - For Android

Tone up while lying down in 10 minutes! You can perform training while watching TV, before bedtime, and so on.
This 10-minute workout once a day can easily carry on.

Building muscle can help for weight loss and speed up your metabolism


There are three toning Exercises differing strength levels. You can select suitable one for own your level.
Training Parts

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- Arm
- Chest
- Back
- Abs
- Leg
- Butt

●History of Management by Calendar

The training time is marked on the calendar for each item.
As there is a mark for each training day, The thought that "I can continue" will arise.

● Time measurement and counting

Count by sound. Training time (30 secs x 3 sets).

●Creating [My Menu]

Custom make your own training set and create a menu.
By setting a daily item, MENU is useful because it prevents trainee from returning to the MENU screen but to proceed to the next screen.


You can change the break time between training as well as the tone of the count.

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