7 Minute Superhero Workout apk android mod hack 2015

7 Minute Superhero Workout - screenshot thumbnail

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Calculate the calories of every person and every 7 minutes superhero movement and every movement! Heroes are not born - they are trained.
You are a pilot of the mission was a prototype AEGIS battle to defend Earth against alien invaders. His stroke is the power of the explosion of the plasma reactor in its action cheolkeodeokneun stomach!
Only made by the co-producer, began Six more players and best selling smartphone fitness game world, Zombies, Run!
State-of-the-art motion trackingSuperhero Movement is * only * application that can use the camera facing the front of the unit to track your personal and calories. Get ready for a new home exercise - interactive than ever, more accurate!
20 EPIC MissionYou land, sea, air and fight aliens in the universe, the last line of defense of the Earth. Have you ever had a period in the most exciting and motivating home!
12 fast movingWe took the classic Super "7 Minute Workout" a formula you and rapid movement can focus on other parts of your body. Aventura, we have a way to fight the move - Interactive, motion control endless battle against the aliens!
42 weight exercisesSquats and jumps are great, but can get boring. Mix mountaineering, power squats, and adding a hit - and better yet, none of them does not require any special equipment or weights!
BATTLE on the big screen: ChromecastYou are a superhero workout exercise at the front and place the device so you can keep track of the best big screen is optimized for Chromecast.

Modern Essentials apk android mod hack 2015

Modern Essentials - screenshot thumbnail

This useful application will run on Android family of phones and tablets.
By using this application, aromatherapy can help find a path to wellness naturally conducive to good health. A color coding system recommended as innovative, this app will help you determine the appropriate essential oils to relieve over 200 health conditions quickly.
Anytime, anywhere using your applications! When the road meeting with customers, good for home use, or.
Use the search feature to quickly find that you can learn about the disease, essential oils, or how to apply. Several oil and Conditions spinner uses intelligent search. Or, go to the Applications section to find different ways to apply essential oils.
Our authority is derived from the book requires modern, the application contains recommendations based on the latest scientific research. See the book for more information, as well as documentation of aromatherapy essential oils recommended by research.

Fitness Buddy : 1700 Exercises apk android mod hack 2015

Fitness Buddy : 1700 Exercises - screenshot thumbnailFitness Buddy : 1700 Exercises - screenshot thumbnail 

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- ESPN The Magazine and recommended!- You, as one of the best gizmo applications up now selected (Gizmodo).- Evaluation by the very Lifehacker: a comprehensive plan of exercise- 7X7 SF blog: the application that can replace a personal trainer. Personal trainer is to think, however, are rather a tool to support their clients;- And I praised by many, many others ...
Discover why change attendees fitness gym buddy! With over 1700 unique exercises at your disposal, the training regimen fitness buddy bring revolution. With this application, you can easily find a workout tracking process simple and strengthen their commitment to fitness goals and maintain your motivation.
- Main Features: ---
1700+ unique exercises!HD 1000 videoBabel, EZ curl bar, dumbbells, free weights, resistance bands, medicine balls, machinery, 

✔ Total for all major equipment, including stability ball exercises✔ Exercise classification (core, lower body, chest, shoulders, back, arms and heart)✔ 4000+ exercise photos and animations (retina display resolution)✔ classification of muscles and detailed exercise instructions✔ Add to exercise that function as a custom workout
User friendly interface✔ fast and simple motion tracking✔ Quick Search box to find a favorite sport

Sleep Lullaby Add-on apk android mod hack 2015

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Add-on for Sleep as Android and Mindroid
Lullabies is a feature of the Sleep as Android alarm clock and sleep cycle tracker which help to fall a sleep in a faster and fun way. Rather that fixed recordings our lullabies are real-time synthesized, this means each playback will never be the same as the playback before. We use various techniques to make each lullaby a unique experience.

 Our lullabies take you into different pleasant environments to free your mind from stress and make it relaxed for faster fall asleep.

This add-on Lullaby pack bring 22 new fascinating environments:

Space ship - being a captain on a starship bridge
Slow breath - synchronize your breath with a female slow breath to get relaxed and fall asleep
Jungle - sounds like you are in the middle of the jungle with various exotic animal sounds
NASA's Saturn "Sound" - Saturn radio waves recorded by Cassini spacecraft and turned into sound
Submarine - subtle engine sound, creaking metal, sonar, steam, and deep mines
Tribal drums - native american drums with flute and eagle and wolf sounds
Lava lake - bubbling lava, gas eruptions
Norden - freezing cold winds, howling wolfs
Galloping horse - galloping and other horse noises
Baby fetal sounds - what does a baby hear in the belly
Sheep counting - sheep counting is a traditional method for falling asleep
Girl singing - human voice lullaby - calming humming sound
Summer night - soft crickets background with a distant owl
Frogs in pond - various frog sounds in a calming frogchestra
Cat purr - a purring cat in your in you lap with occasional miaow
Temple bells - a Tibetan bowl sound in the background followed with calming little chart bells
The Om chant - a chanting chorus sings the Om chant
Wind chimes - irregular metallic and bamboo chimes with a wind background
Steam train - repetitive sound of a running historic steam train on the rails, occasional hooting and railway crossings
Music box - grandma's music box
Piano, Flute - short calming melodies
War march - soft drumming and a flute in a civil war theme

The Monash Uni Low FODMAP Diet apk android mod hack 2015

The Monash Uni Low FODMAP Diet - screenshot thumbnailThe Monash Uni Low FODMAP Diet - screenshot thumbnail  

Researchers at Monash University have developed a diet and corresponding app to assist in management of the gastrointestinal symptoms associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). The Monash University Low FODMAP diet works by restricting foods high in some carbohydrates called FODMAPs.

The app includes the following:

- Background information about FODMAPs
- A food guide detailing the FODMAP content for hundreds of foods
- A full recipe book including 79 original and nutritious recipes with professional photography
- A shopping list for organising low FODMAP purchases
- A one week challenge to trial and monitor a strict FODMAP diet, with the function to view detailed graphs of symptoms and the end of the week

Best Workout Songs apk android mod hack 2015   
It takes a great deal of energy and time to look for good workout music for your exercise. Exactly what you generally hear throughout the day could not be exactly what keeps you moving at the health club. by hand assembling positive playlists for the fitness exercise music center is now a distant memory. 

Countless blends are all in one simple location for listeners to merely select their preferred category, push play and go! The best workout songs 2015 never ever stops, not even for advertisements and we submit brand-new blends daily, supplying users with hot tracks the minute they attacked the dance floor.

 It takes a great deal of energy and time to look for good workout music for your exercise. Exactly what you generally hear throughout the day could not be exactly what keeps you moving at the health club. by hand assembling positive playlists for the fitness exercise music center is now a distant memory.

 Countless blends are all in one simple location for listeners to merely select their preferred category, push play and go! The best workout songs 2015 never ever stops, not even for advertisements and we submit brand-new blends daily, supplying users with hot tracks the minute they attacked the dance floor.

Sync iTunes to android - Pro apk android mod hack 2015

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 Sync iTunes to android - Pro apk android mod hack 2015 

 Synctunes wireless pro is an iTunes to android syncing application that allows you to download your iTunes music, podcasts and videos from your iTunes library to to your android device over WiFi.

Compatible with

Note : please remove the free version from your tablet/mobile after you install the paid version, otherwise the desktop app will not recognize that you purchased the full version.


Syncs to internal or external sdcard
Syncs Podcasts from your iTunes to android.
Sync Music tracks from iTunes to android.
Sync Playlists.
Sync tracks from itunes store
Sync album art
Organizes songs in android by artist/albums
You can filter your tracks to be synced (by size, length , date etc)

Runtastic Mountain Bike PRO apk mod hack 2015

Runtastic Mountain Bike PRO - screenshot thumbnailRuntastic Mountain Bike PRO - screenshot thumbnail 

Experience mountain biking on a new level with Runtastic Mountain Bike, the best app for MTB riders!

The Runtastic Mountain Bike app is the ideal MTB app and turns your smartphone into a multifunctional off-road cycling computer with 50+ exciting features plus compatible hardware.

Whether you’re on your favorite trails, downhill rides or exploring new routes while enjoying the scenery, Runtastic Mountain Bike is your perfect companion for off-road MTB tours.

This app has been tailored to the needs of a mountain biker and offers everything a hobby biker, BMX rider or professional mountain biker could wish for. Thanks to the offline maps feature, you can even use maps without internet connection and enjoy the most remote, untouched scenic trails.


* Track MTB tours via GPS: Duration, distance, elevation gain, pace, calories burned, etc.
* Voice Coach: Keeps you posted on speed, distance, elevation gain, etc.
* Browse & search thousands of mountain bike routes (available in the app & on
* LIVE Tracking: Go LIVE, show your friends where & how fast you’re riding and get cheered on
* Maps (Google Maps): Get details on your current location
* Offline maps: Download & save maps to your smartphone to use them without internet connection
* Colored Traces (speed, elevation, climb rate, heart rate, etc.)
* Detailed analysis of your MTB tour incl. start and end point
* Display your current rate of climb during a tour (elevation gain/minute)
* Show current grade in %
* Measure your cadence & speed when on the trails with the Runtastic Speed & Cadence Sensor (Bluetooth Low Energy)
* Heart rate measurement (with additional hardware)
* Configure your display: You choose which values are shown during your MTB rides
* Music: Create a playlist for your tours & activate your Powersong to boost motivation!
* Auto Pause (with Speed & Cadence Sensor)
* Split Tables: Analysis of each split of your mountain bike trek
* Detailed post-tour analysis incl. time rode uphill, downhill, flat
* Provides info on wind & weather conditions
* Comprehensive training log: Statistics, graphs & progress
* Share your mountain bike activities on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and via email
* Runtastic Heart Rate Combo Monitor
* Runtastic Speed & Cadence Sensor (Bluetooth Low Energy)
* Runtastic Bike Case for Android Smartphones
* Runtastic Sports Armband

 Runtastic 산악 자전거, MTB 라이더를위한 최고의 응용 프로그램 새로운 수준 체험 산악 자전거!

Runtastic 산악 자전거 응용 프로그램은 이상적인 MTB 응용 프로그램입니다 50 개 이상의 흥미로운 기능을 더한 호환되는 하드웨어 다기능 오프로드 사이클링 컴퓨터에 스마트 폰을집니다.

당신이 좋아하는 산책로, 내리막 타기 또는 풍경을 즐기면서 새로운 노선을 모색하든, Runtastic 산악 자전거 오프로드 MTB 투어에 대한 완벽한 동반자입니다.

이 응용 프로그램은 산악 자전거 요구에 맞게 모든 것을에게 취미 자전거, BMX 라이더 또는 원하는 건 전문 산악 자전거를 제공하고있다. 오프라인지도 덕분에 당신도 인터넷 연결없이지도를 사용하고 대부분의 원격 손길이 닿지 않은 아름다운 산책로 즐길 수 있습니다.

30 Day Squat Challenge apk mod hack 2015

30 Day Squat Challenge - screenshot thumbnail30 Day Squat Challenge - screenshot thumbnail  

**Do you want to get toned legs and glutes? Do you want to feel fit and be stronger? See the results in just 30 days. Take up the 30 Day Squat Challenge with our app for FREE!**

• Train at home. No gym equipment required!
• Challenge tracker to keep track of your progress.
• Video instructions for all the workouts with step by step guide.
• Daily reminder alarm so that you never miss a single day of the challenge.
• Share your progress with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Email and more!
• Stay motivated and connected with others on our Facebook and Twitter pages.
• All the videos are included in the application. No Internet connection required.

30 Day Squat Challenge is a simple 30 day workout plan. You do a number of exercises each day.

There are rest days to make sure you get proper recovery time. The intensity of the exercises increase slowly and by the end of this 30 days of workout plan, you will definitely feel fitter and stronger. This workout plan is suitable for both men and women.

Just install this app and follow the routine daily. Our reminder will automatically remind you to workout daily. Rest days will help your muscles recover. Tick off the days you have completed to keep track of your challenge progress. Don't cheat! It's as simple as that.

30 Day Fitness Challenges apk mod hack 2015

30 Day Fitness Challenges - screenshot thumbnail30 Day Fitness Challenges - screenshot thumbnail   

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** Get 20 Fitness Challenges For One Low Price **

NO Other Fitness Challenge App Gives You Anything Like This!!
Get fit & healthy in only 30 days with the all new and improved 30 Day Fitness Challenges App.

* 20 professionally designed fitness challenges
* New improved daily fitness challenge progress tracking
* New achievements upon fitness challenge completion
* New share your progress via social media
* Detailed exercise technique information and tutorials
* New video demonstrations of each exercise
* New user profile
* New customisable daily reminders & notifications
* New beautiful user interface and design
* New social media login option
* Use the app on your Android phone or Tablet, iPhone or iPad and your progress with sync between devices!

Ref. Guide for Essential Oils apk mod hack 2015

Ref. Guide for Essential Oils - screenshot thumbnail

This convenient app runs on the Android family of phones and tablets.

This app combines information from the authoritative Reference Guide for Essential Oils, written by Connie and Alan Higley, with convenient search and note-taking features. Use the app anytime, anywhere to quickly find and confidently use recommended essential oils and oil blends for hundreds of different health and wellness conditions.

This app will become your go-to reference for personal essential oil use and for sharing your love of essential oils. The app features a personal guide section that details over 700 health topics for which essential oils are commonly used to help support the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Additionally, key information on over 100 single oils and more than 90 commercially-available oil blends will help you better understand and use essential oils.

The app also includes essential oil application instructions, including detailed information about auricular internal body points, digestive tract, autonomic nervous system, and the nose and olfactory system.