Run Walk GPS & Calories Burner - For Android ( 2014)

Cover artThe built in BMI (body mass index) calculator helps you to control your weight loss. With FitApp you can look up your BMI and check out your ideal body weight. All you have to do is to type in your height and weight and then you will see if you are underweight or overweight. This supports you with your weight loss and helps you to reach your ideal body weight and stay healthy and fit.Another feature of FitApp is voice feedback which gives you details like distance, the calories you've burned, the current pace and your average pace while you are running, jogging or walking.

★ Record of time, distance and pace
★ Measurement of average and top speed
★ Calories counter
★ Fitness and health diary and statistics of your tracked activities via GPS tracker
★ Voice feedback (calories, distance, current speed, average pace
★ BMI (body mass index) calculator

This FREE running app guarantees a lot of fun and helps you to stay fit and healthy. FitApp supports you with your training exercises and helps you to lose weight or keep your body weight.
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