CalorieSmart Calorie Tracker - For Android

Cover art* Calorie counter to track food & exercise
* Nutrition information for 80,000 items and 300 restaurants
* Internet connection not needed (used only for charts)
* Large food database
* No web signup needed
* Customize with your own foods and exercises
* Flexible serving sizes
* Favorite lists for fast access

CarbsControl Carb Tracker - For Android

Cover artPerfect for people with diabetes and those on low-carb diets, CarbsControl App keeps your carbs under control. 

With 80,000 foods and details from 300 restaurants and 500 specific brands, you’ll know exactly where you stand with your carbs for the day. This App works great with the Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, the Zone Diet, Protein Power Lifeplan, Go Lower Diet, and other low-carb plans. It’s also helpful for those trying to lose weight or maintain their current weight by cutting back extra carb calories. This App helps you stick to your carb goals even when eating out. 


101 Ideas to Impress Girls - For Android

Cover art101 Ideas to Impress GirlsCollection of various creative, powerful and amazing ideas to impress your loved one. Ideas talks about Get some style, Improve your body language, Learning how to approach, Think about using routines to start with, Become adept at reading a girls body language, Get down the gym, Learn some new skills, Have fun, Get a passion in life, Recognize and utilize your strengths, Improve your confidence, Become a great conversationalist, Get help, Risks are part of success, Be a ‘real man’, Get your mindset sorted, Become a master of flirting, Be adept at using the phone, Learn to be good in bed Be prepared and Sexually Aggressive Physical Moves.

Bruce Treadmill Test - For Android

Cover artBruce Treadmill Test is used to monitor the development of the athlete's general endurance (VO2max). This test is appropriate for active and sedentary individuals. The Bruce protocol is a diagnostic test used in the evaluation of cardiac function.

Treadmill Fitness - For Android

Cover artA treadmill may be an exceptional physical exercise machine, providing a convenient and reasonably inexpensive method to remain match. But with over a dozen unique manufacturers available, every with a assortment of different styles of gear, it might be tricky to understand which treadmill is greatest for you.
DISCLAIMER: The content provided in this app is collected using Feeds and Videos are hosted by YouTube and all are available in public domain. We have not uploaded any videos to YouTube. Apps are fetching the data from RSS feeds of different sites.

Treadmill+ - For Android

Cover artThe Treadmill+(Treadmill Plus) is a free download App. It can integrate with treadmills as below list and the IHP cloud service. Thus, it provides you with performing workout and health management in any time & anywhere. ※Reminding: when applying with the App and also conducting synchronizing your workout data, it may have extra cost charged depending on your internet service because of the data transportation. Per running the treadmill at the first time, please read the treadmill operation instruction in details and notice its cautions/warning items in the owner manual.

Virtual Walk Treadmill or GPS - For Android

Cover art**Named Best Walking App for 2013 in the Reader's Choice Awards**Track your walking using GPS or a treadmill, and use your accumulated miles towards different walking routes around the world. Even if you are just walking on your treadmill at home, circling your neighborhood, or walking on your local high school track, you can challenge yourself to complete the Appalachian Trail or take a tour of the memorials in Washington D.C. There are plenty of walks to choose from, with many more on the way!

iFootpath - Made for Walking - For Android

Cover artWith more than 400 free, detailed and mapped walking guides (January 2014) the iFootpath App, along with its partner website, has been created to inspire people to get out and enjoy beautiful walks across the UK. iFootpath is made for walking, and only for walking. From town trails to riverside strolls and countryside rambles, we are building a library of walks for everyone to enjoy - be it alone, with your dog or with family and friends.

Gnaural for Android FREE - For Android

Cover artAs of August 1st, 2013, the free version of Gnaural for Android is no longer a feature-disabled demo, it has all the functionality of the pay version, just perhaps not updated as frequently. The decision was made to give it away because the primary goal of Gnaural, throughout my 15 years of developing it and it's precursors, has always been to get everyone meditating. Two years ago, it took some incentive to spend the months required to write from scratch the Android code capable of playing Gnaural presets, because dealing with audio, GUIs, and XML in Java was entirely foreign to how I'd written Gnaural's C code. While charging for it never did exactly compensate in the way I'd hoped, I am thankful it at least got me to undertake the tedious endeavour (which also got me to invent two brand new Voices that then made their way in to Gnaural - Water and Rain!). And I am also dearly thankful for all those who did spend the cost of a cup-of-coffee to help support it. But the kind words are worth even more. From now on, it is hoped that that people who genuinely love Gnaural will voluntarily elect to support it by purchasing the pay version. But of course, that is absolutely voluntary. Enjoy Gnaural!

Gnaural for Android - For Android

Cover artGnaural is a computer-based audio synthesizer capable of generating binaural beats, isochronic tones, pink noise, and many varieties of simulated nature sounds (including rain, waterfall, ocean waves, babbling brook, and wind). Gnaural is intended to be an aural aid to meditation and relaxation. Long available for Mac, Windows, and Linux, Gnaural allows you to use your computer to create, edit, and play your own "presets" - which are editable meditation sessions coded in to XML text files. Gnaural for Android is able to play Gnaural presets that you copy to your device, but can't edit them beyond the ability to turn on/off individual voices, specify number of "loops" (times to repeat the preset), and manually move forward-and-backward through the schedule.

Ambiance - For Android

Cover artAmbiance® is an "environment enhancer" designed to help you create the perfect ambient atmosphere to relax, focus or reminisce. Choose from over 2500 free sounds, exclusive to Ambiance, to download and listen to, create customized sound mixes, cycle through playlists, wake up to relaxing sounds and much, much more.

teamRipped - For Android

Cover artWelcome to teamRIPPED!! If you are looking for XTREME, Maximum, Infomercial-style results, you’ve found the crew to help you get it done!TeamRIPPED knows how to BRING IT!!
I am Wayne Wyatt, Beachbody’s TOP COACH 2011. I started the teamRIPPED community after having perhaps one of the most amazing P90X transformations ever! I am here to help you set goals, stay focused on those goals, and REACH those goals!


Cover artNOTE: Due to database format changes, upgrades from Workout90 versions prior to 1.6 might cause issues
-Delete the app before upgrading to avoid these problemsWorkout90 is a handy companion app for 90-day extreme fitness programs that tracks your workout progress.
Simply choose the day's workout, then tap on any exercise to set your reps and weight.

Feed Your Insanity

Cover artF.Y.I. is a handy meal-tracking app for anyone on certain interval fitness programs.Keep track of your meal choices and count your calories with a sleek, simple interface. Addons are just as easy to track. The application calculates your daily calorie target, so you can easily see if you've reached or exceeded it.
The handy journal lets you take notes about the day's meals and workout, and you can easily take photos to visually track your progress!

Focus T25 Notebook - For Android

Cover artFocus T25 Notebook is a fully functional digital notebook.Hit it! Track It! Print it!
Includes Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Gamma Strength Hybrid cycles.
I was about half way thru my Beta cycle when I decided to create this app. Being in health and fitness most of my life I know workout programs don't work if they are too ridged. The same thing goes for tracking applications!

Blood Pressure Log Pro - For Android

Cover artThis is a Pro-version *license key* for "Blood Pressure Log". This is not a standalone application. You MUST have "Blood Pressure Log" installed first. After installation remember to restart the main application, otherwise the key will not be recognized.

Healing Meditation Audio - For Android

Cover artHealing Meditation Guided Audio - Professionally recorded Healing Meditation guided audio.Guided Meditation: Healing
Assume a comfortable position. Shut your eyes as you start relax. Take in a deep breath, now breathe out, emptying your lungs entirely. And once again.

GEOflare Location Utility - For Android

Cover artThis all-inclusive GPS app has something for everyone! From the Speedometer to Find My Car to Tracking over a dozen different Exercise Routes and everything in between like Sharing and Mapping, GEOflare has your GPS needs covered.★ My Car - There's always been a time that you wished it was NICE and EASY to remember where you parked. GEOflare's "My Car" not only saves where you parked, it has a fully interactive map to help you get back to your car. Find your car easily!

CaloryGuard Lite - For Android

Cover artEasily and permanently lose weight and get your dream body with CaloryGuard Pro - Your personal calorie and fitness coach! With more than 600,000 happy customers world-wide and lots of awesome feedback from nationwide magazines, newspapers, TV stations and blogs, CaloryGuard is now even more effective!

Min soltid - For Android

Cover artMed ”Min soltid” kan du hålla koll på hur länge du kan vara i solen utan att bränna dig. Appen beräknar hur länge du kan vara i solen, utifrån var du är, tid på dagen och hur känslig du är för sol. Det varierar från individ till individ. Var därför uppmärksam på din tid i solen! Soltiderna som räknas fram är baserade på statistiskt framräknade UV-index. Beräkningarna tar inte hänsyn till om du har varit ute i solen tidigare under samma dag. Tiderna ska därför riktvärden som visar hur länge du kan vara ute utan skyddande kläder eller solkräm.

Spinning ® Indoor Cycling - For Android

Cover artSpinning® tracks your rides, runs and other cardio exercises* too. With the Polar Wearlink+ Bluetooth heart rate monitor, Scosche Rhythm, myTREK and Zephyr HxM Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor support, you can measure your effort levels real-time as you ride! Spinning® also records your weight, blood pressure and activity for a true sense of overall health.

RunnerUp - For Android

Cover artRunnerUp, an open source run tracker inspired by Garmin 410, RunKeeper and EveryWhere Run.
Track your running with RunnerUp using the GPS in your Android phone.Track your running activities:
- See detailed stats around your pace, distance and time.
- Get stats and progress through your headphones with built-in highly configurable audio cues.
- Run free runs with target pace or target heart rate zone

Sleepy - For Android

Cover artSleepy tracks your sleep cycles and store them in your Runkeeper account. You can choose to let Sleepy track sleep cycles automatically or you can enter them manually.
You can track the total slept time and additional parameters like REM time, Light deep slept time, time woken and many others.

GPS Pedometer Walk/Run Keeper - For Android

Cover artGPS Pedometer Walk/Run Keeper Android App FREEUse your Android Device as an Pedometer using GPS..Save daily distances,along with time and date..
The app allows your device to be used as
-Pedometer : to measure your jogging distance , walking distance etc...
-Odometer : For used in cycling , bike race etc..

trainANDtrack! Pro - For Android

Cover arttrainANDtrack! is a training and tracking application for your outdoor activities.The main features and functionalities are:
- Live Tracking Service: Let your contacts know where you are and show your current GPS position live on
- Upload your Tracks to Quick and easy synchronization of your phone GPS tracks with Download the latest tracks from directly to your mobile phone
- Race Against Yourself. Beat your besttime!
- Visualize your tracks on Google Maps by using GPS

Korea Radiation - For Android

Cover artKorea Radiation shows radiation levels in South Korea. English version.Tags: Korea, radiation, radioactive, Japan, nuclear power, earthquake

First Time Triathlon - For Android

Cover artWritten by a former professional triathlete and triathlon coach, 1stTimeTri provides a personalized 12-week workout plan to prepare you for a sprint triathlon. Whether you are a novice or an experienced cyclist, swimmer or runner that wants to cross over into triathlons, 1stTimeTri is for you.


Cover artLIFE TIME FITNESS Mobile gives you the on-the-go ability to find out what's happening at any LIFE TIME FITNESS location. Quickly access Group Fitness class schedules. Check on upcoming events and activities. Choose your specific interests and view class, lesson and scheduling information.

@life - Feel a life - For Android

Cover art@life – Feel a life mobile app is for everyone who needs guided support in detecting, monitoring and reducing negative stress effects. It helps with strengthening health reserve and improving health and with that it directs you to a healthier lifestyle.
@life app guides the user to a final goal – better well-being and health.

Del Monte Fresh Life - For Android

Cover artThe Del Monte Fresh Life App assists you with eating and living healthy. This app allows you access to: • Use the MEAL TRACKER to track your weight against your calorie intake, and monitor your progress
• Access hundreds of healthy and nutritious RECIPES from
• Play the BANANA FACE GAME: a fun interactive game for adults and children where you can add banana images to your photos
• Play the MONKEY CATCH game where a monkey holding a basket is trying to catch HEALTHY FRUITS falling from the sky!
• Take the BANANA QUIZ and learn more fun facts about bananas
• Connect with Del Monte across all social media platforms
• Virtual shopping list

Calorie Calculator Plus - For Android

Cover artDo you know how many calories you burn a day?Will you burn more calories by running or cycling?
Are you overweight for your height and how many calories should you eat to lose weight?
Calorie Calculator Plus will allow you to calculate a wide range of information relevant to calorie counting and weight loss. Additionally, you will learn to understand the science of calorie counting through our detailed series of articles on how to count calories for weight loss.

Calorie Counter & Tracker - For Android

Cover artWith Calorie Comparer: Counter & Tracker, you can compare nutritional data for over 90 popular restaurants with an easy-to-use interface, allowing you to view two restaurant's menus at the same time.How does the Whopper compare to the Big Mac? Look it up.

Calorie Counter Skytel - For Android

Cover artUse of the applications received food and burned walking calculating kalorio and weight control can

Sky Fitness and Wellbeing - For Android

Cover artJoining Sky Fitness & Wellbeing™ puts you on the right path to real change in your life.The “Sky Circle of Success” philosophy is based on helping each member achieve balance in your hectic life through the coordinated pursuit of four components: exercise, stress management, knowledge and nutrition. We provide the right tools and expertise in each area to ensure your success

Gluten Free Registry - For Android

Cover artGluten Free Registry is the leading curated database of 35,000+ gluten-free friendly restaurants, pizza joints, bakeries, coffee houses, grocers, caterers and more. Our database includes business locations in North America and other parts of the world, and we receive new business submissions every day. Now this information about gluten-free friendly businesses is available on your Android device!

Juice Diet Recipes - For Android

Cover artUse this great collection of delicious and healthy juice recipes as a diet supplement or as part of a doctor supervised total re-boot. Some favorites are Heartburn Helper, Extra Energy and Headache Halter. Search recipes by ingredient, benefit, or name. More recipes are added with each update.

Under 600 Calories : Fast Food - For Android

Cover artApp shows you meals of popular fast food restaurants that are 600 calories or less.Also provided is food score calculated for those meals in case you use food score system to lose weight. You can also create list of your favorite restaurants and locate listed restaurants within 30 miles (50 km) near your current location √Most popular restaurants included. Lose weight while exercising portion control!

Ernährung Pro - For Android

Cover artMit "Ernährung Pro" durchleuchten Sie Ihre Lebensmittel. Sie erkennen die Nährwerte, wie z.B. Kalorien, Kohlehydrate, Eiweiß, Fett usw.
Außerdem entschlüsseln Sie die E-Zusatzstoffe und sehen so, ob Ihr Produkt evtl. gesundheitsschädlich ist.
Die Mineralien-, Vitamin- und Kräuterdatenbanken helfen Ihnen dabei, sich bewusst gesund zu ernähren.

L-Men Knowledge Guid - For Android

L-Men Knowledge Guide adalah aplikasi L-Men Knowledge Guide adalah aplikasi mobile berisi tips & trik lengkap terkait mobile berisi tips & trik lengkap terkait pembentukan tubuh atletis ideal, pembentukan tubuh atletis ideal, diantaranya:
1. L-Men Institute : Kumpulan artikel L-Men Institute : Kumpulan artikel membahas tips & trik menarik membahas tips & trik menarik terkait pembentukan tubuh atletis terkait pembentukan tubuh atletis ideal, ideal,
2. Sixpack Tools - Virtual PT : Sixpack Tools - Virtual PT : Kumpulan gambar & video gerakan Kumpulan gambar & video gerakan latihan efektif membentuk tubuh latihan efektif membentuk tubuh atletis ideal, atletis ideal,
3. Sixpack Tools - BMI Meter : Cek Sixpack Tools - BMI Meter : Cek indeks massa tubuhmu disini indeks massa tubuhmu disini (underweight - ideal - overweight), 

L-Men Guidance - For Android

We are best solution in obtaining your athletic body for better physical appearance and performance. | @LMen |
lmen, kesehatan, workout, fitnes, fitness, gym, sixpack

Body Stats - Women - For Android lists Body Stats as *GOOD APP*!
Track your health & fitness progress.Use the Journal for food, training,etc.Not a BMI calculator.
Chinese translation (Traditional and Simplified)  
Install to SD Card

Body Stats - Men - For Android lists Body Stats as *GOOD APP*!
Track yourr health & fitness progress. Use Journal for food, training, etc. Motivation videos to keep u going.Not a BMI calculator.
Supports move to SD Card


Buttock exercises help you to tighten and tone your but so it looks firmer and slimmer. Some buttock workouts suit men better while others favor the female shape so we have divided these workouts into 2 different sections.

Best Stomach Exercises Guide - For Android

Cover artStomach Exercises Ebook - Best Tips ,Information and Facts.
This knowledge base ebook contains important tips and information about Stomach Exercises
Summary of this Free Ebook :
All About Working The Transverse Abdominals, Aquasize To A Flatter Stomach! , All About The Best Stomach Exercises, Where To Find Exercises That Flatten The Stomach, Why Exercises To Flatten Stomach Muscles Are Popular,

Healthy Recipes - Diet Recipes - For Android

Cover artHealthy Recipes and Diet RecipesFind the best way to lose weight and save money. Cooking at home is one of the easiest ways and save. Our Healthy Recipes - Diet Recipes application lets you browse and search a weekly recipes, plus save your favorites. We also provide calories for each recipe. Perfect for anyone on a diet!

Weight Loss Exercise - For Android

Cover artAre you looking for Weight Loss Exercise? I found these at youtube and help me lose 10 lbs. in 2 month.This is my daily exercise for a week because I don't like to do the same thing everyday.

Trampoline Exercise - For Android

Cover artUsing a trampoline can be a great way to get fit with an added touch of fun you might not find in more traditional exercise pursuits. Activities like jogging and participating in sports might be ideal for those who love to zone out while exercising, or for those with that competitive edge, but for those who like to break a sweat while they break out in giggles, trampolining might just be the best path to fitness.

Affirmation Exercise - For Android

Cover artIs a busy schedule preventing self growth … are you always dreaming of self improvement but do not know where to start… is your reality burdened by thoughts like “this always happens to me” or “why did I do THAT again” then this is the app for you... it’s quick, it’s easy and it’s EFFECTIVE!This Affirmation Exercise is an excellent trainer for positive automatic thoughts. Simply choose the length of time for the session then cycle through the affirmations once in the morning and once in the evening.

Lower Body Exercises - For Android

Cover artPractically everyone knows that Pilates can help you sculpt beautiful abs. But devotees of the ever more popular workout have a secret: It's also a great way to get sleek thighs, a tight tush, and a totally toned lower body. You don't have to squander your savings on expensive studio lessons to reap the benefits.

My Exercise List LITE - For Android

Cover artApplication ​​for you to check all your exercises list on your Android without need to be walking up and down with the paper of your exercises list on the gym.This is a free version, and in it you can just create a series of up to 10 exercises.
Get access to all funcionalides downloading the full version.