water tracker - For Android

water tracker - For Android 
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Tracker water will help you hydrate, the amount of liquid you drink daily and alerts you receive, if you have a smart alarm to achieve your goals by the target are to remain.


* Monitoring of water has a smart alarm to warn in a selected time interval, when you're below your target.
The operation of this alarm can be served distributes water evenly throughout the day and warn that if you are. Below the specified limit at a specified time

* Calculate the ideal amount of water should you containing your age, weight, sex, drink and the amount of exercise that you do every day.

* Handling Units. You can switch between ounces and milliliters of water monitoring update take care of all sizes for you to change.

* Easy to use. You can create three types of containers for quick and easy data entry.

To use with eye-catching and easy to use interface Tracker water is the best option to keep track of your drinking.

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