7 Minute Workout - For Android

7 Minute Workout - For Android 
The most popular training 7 minutes sitting here!

Do not have an hour for everyday driving? You might not need, try to 7 minutes.

The most appropriate exercises for normal people like you and me, you can do so at any time and can do anywhere, it only takes 7 minutes. The 7 minute drive is highlighted by the New York Times "maximum results with minimal investment."

This application training in 7 minutes on the basis TICSS (circuit training, high intensity) is proved, the simplest "safely, effectively and efficiently" to improve your aerobic and muscular fitness, no need to give gym.Try training 7 minutes, and make you healthier.

7 minutes drive takes you take about 7 minutes to complete, consists of 12 exercises to do for 30 seconds with 10 seconds rest between exercises. All you need is a chair and a wall, repeat 2-3 circuits depending on your time. This should be your first choice for training, office, or work at home can.


Voice, if you need, start to 7 minutes or rest guild;
Ask the lap time depending on your situation;
Set the time to rest;
Protect the screen when you exercise;
Beautiful character and design of the user interface;
Training diary shows your complete training time;
The ability to pause the exercise, and you go to the previous or next year;
Notification for everyday driving;

The daily training includes 12 exercises, they are puppets, wall sits, push up, crunches, step-up on a chair, squats, tricep dip on a chair, Board, High Knees / instead run, Lunge, Push 'up' and rotation, side plank, are workouts full body workout, leg, arm workout buttocks workout cardio workout.

This training every day for 7 min gym is your personal trainer is that is cardio exercise help to lose fitness and weight, work out your arm, leg workout, all muscles of the body that you can do in the office or at home ,

This training daily from 7 min really works, it is the actual gym gym for all, girl, woman, man, person job, you can also drive to the office, go home, we you 7 min gym help!

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