Feed Baby Pro - FOR ANDROID

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Baby Feeding Baby Pro unlocks all RSS Lite FEATURES. When installing Pro breastfeeding baby can still use RSS Lite as usual so that none of your data is lost. In addition, the timing will be available for use in Lite so you can start the synchronization between devices with baby food!

Baby food is also available for iPhone in the App Store. Just search for "Feeding Baby Tracker" on iTunes.

Every device that synchronizes baby must have purchased and installed Flux Pro. Baby Food Pro must be purchased ONCE A GOOGLE ACCOUNT. Once you buy baby food Pro, you can install / reinstall all devices as these devices use the same Google Account Play (which is the same way that all the work paid applications in the Google Play Store).

Monitor and control all aspects of your babys feeding, growth and development. Registration Bottle and breast feeding daipers, sleep, pumping, growth charts and magazines.

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