Fast Food Calorie Watchers- For Android

Cover artNumber ONE nutrition eating out app in the Store! A must have for diet watchers if you are on the Food Score system (old and new-both included) !App also finds listed restaurants near you! FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE - please read below how to find it.App provides you with nutrition info: Calories, Food Score,Classic Score, Carbs, Fat, Protein, Sodium of food items of over 300 most popular restaurants and fast food chains from US, Canada and UK. Plus even popular buffets are included!
***SALE! Get it now just for $1.99 instead of regular $5.99***
=>There are over 300 restaurant chains listed plus buffets. This is the ONLY app with such great database and updated menus in the Store
=>Use "Find Near Me" button to find listed restaurants within 30 miles(50 km) near your current location
=>Create list of favorite restaurants

=>Menus are being updated regularly, so you are provided most current information.
=>No points counter or calculator needed - food score and classic food score already calculated for you
=>This app is 5 MB in size - less than half the size of some similar apps = less memory used on your phone/tablet
=>No Internet or calculator required! All info is stored in your phone or tablet - access it anytime, anywhere
=>FREE TRIAL available ! Try us before you buy us: look for "Fast Food Calorie Watchers LITE" app by ACAAPPS
=>In addition please find all major Movie Theaters Popcorn, Snacks and Drinks calories.
=>Screen is re-sizable, so you can make it small or large with movement of you fingertips in case you need larger size letters.
=>Search Restaurants- search box is included to find restaurants easy
=>Watch yourself lose weight when using portion control

So many restaurants listed! The menus look pretty complete as well. Nice that you don't need Internet connection for it to work - you can check items before ordering even in places without wi-fi.
I use it before going out to be prepared for what I know will be a healthy meal! I would recommend.
Best money I've spent for any app
Lose weight while also dining out made simple for watchers of many type of diets thanks to this app. Diet watchers can also check what included restaurants are currently offering. The app points you towards healthier dining out experience and making lose weight more successful.

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