21 Day Complete - For Android

21 Day Complete - For Android 
Price reduction effect - to help you go over your New Year's resolutions!

Full day 21 is a fully functional digital notebook that helps you control your workouts 21 days and Fix / water meal. Fix it! Follow him! Print it!

Adopt the technology! Keep moving!

Includes:- Fixed 21 Training Day Program- Fixed Day (doubles) training program 21- Track Day 21 Food Fix planner style, and the water tracker day.

21 days full is structured around a day. You can access everything on your profile - programmed workout, meal planner and water tracker. Yes, there is a tracker of water a day!

Day 21 features allow you to:~ Track your actual training date and time - not a common calendar day (Life goes Bend your schedule does not break!)~ You follow modifiers? Track It! Normal intensity level changes, mixed.Some days you have to change to stay in the game. However, it is moving forward :)~ Add a note, focus point (yes that's my expression) for each drive. Rough? Mala recover?~ Need a reminder? ... 21 Day Full Fix remind you.~ Assess the level of difficulty of the exercise. This does not change, even for the same training - explained in his notes.
Focus Points - Track your progress!~ Record your measurements: neck, chest, R / L arms, waist, hips, thighs R / L, and weight.~ Dimensions: Automatic / tracks measures calculated to show the overall change from Day 0 - Day 22~ Add photos to measure every day!

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