Super Gluteos App Videos & mas - For Android

Cover artos mejores ejercicios para mejorar tus gletos cola!Con gluteos firmes con ejercicios caseros desde tu casa.

Sigue nuestros videos con ejercicios.. armate tu rutina casera!!
Consejos y tips para mejorar la musculasion, y el aspecto de tus gluteos...ademas tips para la piel!

Daily Kegel Exercise 2 - For Android

Cover art★★★The most complete Kegel app around★★★
Ultimate Kegel trainer app that help you to do your Kegel exercise like a Pro! Major improvements from the original version to pack even more features to help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscle.

Kegel Trainer - PFM Exercises - For Android

Cover artEasy to follow Kegel exercises and daily reminders making this the easy way for both men and women to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles! Bored of doing the same routine and feel you're not pushing yourself? This app has 10 different sessions to work through meaning your pelvic floor muscles are always being challenged by a new routine.

Physiotherapy Exercises - For Android

Cover artThis application enables you to :- search for exercises appropriate for people with spinal cord injury and other neurological conditions
- select exercises and compile them into booklets for your clients
There are over 950 exercises to choose from.

Juice - For Android

Cover artJUICE is the World’s Funnest Energy Tracker!"I wish I had more energy..."
Sound familiar? You're not alone. Millions struggle every day from a lack of energy - that's why we created Juice!

GEOflare Location Utility - For Android

Cover artThis all-inclusive GPS app has something for everyone! From the Speedometer to Find My Car to Tracking over a dozen different Exercise Routes and everything in between like Sharing and Mapping, GEOflare has your GPS needs covered.

QuickSport – Fitness & Health - For Android

Cover artPerfect Fitness & Health App for Office Crowd” -
"A bit of sport in the office!” -

Turn fitness and health into fun with QuickSport – Fitness and Health! QuickSport is one of the most entertaining workout apps and desk fitness exercise apps for your Android Device.

FitSync® - For Android

Cover artTrack Your Progress, Compare & Share with a Worldwide Community™FitSync, the choice of leading health clubs and professional trainers worldwide since 2001...

Fast Calorie Counter - For Android

Cover art** WHAT TO EXPECT: Do not download this app if you are looking for the most powerful calorie tracking app. This app is NOT the best tool for people who want to manage a food dictionary, or want exact calorie tracking capabilities. It's extremely simple by design. **

iCountTimer Free - For Android

Cover artiCountTimer combines the power of timer and a counter and wraps it with an elegantly designed user interface making it a sleek, simple and effective workout app.Be it sports, yoga, bodybuilding, interval training or other fitness requirements, this app can easily fit in and accelerate your progress. With its intuitive design and easy setup, you can quickly set your workout or use interval(counter + timer) to assist you during various phases of your workout.

Safe Pregnancy and Birth - For Android

Cover artFrom the publishers of Where There Is No Doctor, the Safe Pregnancy and Birth App is the only comprehensive app on pregnancy and birth developed specifically for low-resource settings. Life-saving information is presented in clear, accessible language rich with illustrations, and an intuitive and friendly navigation—perfect for working with community health workers or midwives with varied literacy levels.

Pregnancy Ticker - For Android

Cover artIf you are pregnant, or know someone who is pregnant, then have a look at this pregnancy app. It helps to track a pregnancy, has cute weekly baby drawings, a home screen widget and many pregnancy facts and pregnancy tips.
There also is a paid version, which is ad-free.

Pregly Pregnancy Ticker - For Android

Cover artIf you are pregnant, or know someone who is pregnant, then have a look at the Pregly Pregnancy Ticker app. It allows you to connect to women due in the same month and has the following other features:- a pregnancy tracker
- cute weekly baby drawings
- weekly info about you
- weekly info about the baby

Quit Now: My QuitBuddy - For Android

Cover artMy QuitBuddy helps you get, and stay, smoke free. It's with you through the hardest times with helpful tips and distractions to overcome cravings; tracking systems to chart your progress and all the facts you need to understand the impact smoking has on your health.

irondroid - For Android

Cover artA weight-training app for recording logs of your sets, monitoring your progress, and sharing with others. In addition to a full exercise reference, it features graphing, exporting to spreadsheets, and posting selected sets to both Facebook and Twitter.

Kiwi Instant Heart Rate - For Android

Cover art“Kiwi Cardiac Function Detector (Instant Heart Rate)” can easily check your cardiac Function anytime anywhere without any external hardware."Kiwi Cardiac Function Detector" offers easy detection of the current heart rate and breathing rate anytime and anywhere. - Parameters can be measured in ten seconds just by your index finger. The software also provides the recording and sharing of test results.

Kiwi BP Buddy - For Android

Cover artKiwi BP Buddy is the best mobile APP to help you to track and manage your blood pressure stats.Features:
♥ Support English and Chinese languages.
♥ Easy to input your data.
♥ Supporting acquire data from electrosphygmomanometer. (Special electrosphygmomanometers needed)
♥ Full medication data list.
♥ Graphical chart trend and warning.

Health Buddy - For Android

Cover artHealth Buddy is Singapore’s most comprehensive health mobile application, developed by SingHealth – Singapore’s largest not-for-profit healthcare group. The group has identified the most relevant and popular searches from its multiple health websites and customized the offerings on this handy app.

Table Calorie (Portug) - For Android

Cover artThe application Calorie Table (Portuguese language) Android assist you in losing weight and calories to the table full of calories. With this table you will know how many calories there are in each serving of food or slice, helping you eat better and more healthy.

Droid Weight - For Android

Cover artDroid Weight does not send your data anywhere.
android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is required so that you can import and export your data to and from text files.
If android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE shows up once you have installed Droid Weight, this is due to a bug in android: Droid Weight does not use the phone state or identity.

body fat calculator - For Android

Cover art** Now available Body fat calculator Pro without advertisingBody fat calculator estimates in a simple and intuitive fat percentage using 1 of 2 methods , measurement of body folds or body circumferences measuring, you decide which is best for you. Also shows other indicators such as the BMI your ideal weight and lean mass Kg.

Proper Weight & Body Fat Calc - For Android

Cover artApp created to help you to keep fit and to manage your weight. It is a free BMI, WHtR and body fat percentage calculator. You can calculate your Body Mass Index, Waist-to-Height Ratio and Body Fat Percentage to find your ideal weight based on age and gender.

Accurate Body Fat Calculator - For Android

Cover artThis application uses an advanced formula, that takes into consideration not only your height, weight and waist, but also the hip, neck, wrist and forearm circumference (for women), in order to provide the most accurate body fat estimate you can get without specialized equipment. A person's body fat percentage is the total weight of the person's fat divided by the person's weight and consists of essential body fat and storage body fat.

Water Counter Widget - For Android

Cover artTo be fully hydrated it's recommended to drink at least 8 8oz cups of of water a day. Use this widget on your home screen as a reminder and counter for how many glasses of water consumed.1. Tap the number to increase the counter
2. Tap the glass to reset to zero.

Drinking Water Secrets - For Android

Cover artDrinking Water Secrets - The Official Drinking Water App is an alternative information-packed h20 app for everything you didn't know about drinking water and amazing water facts alike.

The Secret of Weight - For Android

Cover artThe Secret of Weight (TSOW) is a simple and practical calorie counter based on photos. With this fun and playful application, you can either maintain your weight, slim down or even gain weight; it’s all up to you!

Diabetes Risk Calculator - For Android

Cover artFind out your risk of developing diabetes with this little app. Based on a clinically validated questionnaire, it will give you the information you need to know about your diabetes risk in under a minute.

How To Exercise With No Effort - For Android

Cover artIt's well known that regular exercise helps you stay in shape, reduces your stress levels, makes you feel fitter and more relaxed, and increases your life expectancy, but it's not always easy or fun to fit it into your schedule.

Raw Food Secrets - For Android

Cover artLearn the secrets of a raw food diet in this easy to read guide. Find out how raw food will benefit you, improve your skin and keep your digestive system healthy. There's information on how to change your diet for the better, and what to expect from your food.

LWR Personal Trainer Lite - For Android

Cover artDo you want to feel fitter, healthier and less stressed during a busy week? It's easy with the Lucy Wyndham-Read Personal Trainer app for women. This is the Lite version of the app, enabling you to try the Android Market's best personal trainer app for free. In this Lite version of the app, you can experience a 5 day workout and healthy eating plan, complete with motivational videos and tips.

Gym Guru - Workout & Fitness - For Android

Cover artGym Guru is the premier workout generator and fitness application for Android. If you’re ready to begin a new fitness regimen or your current routine is stale and ineffective, let the Guru do the heavy lifting and design your workouts for you.

KLFit Kettlebell Trainer - For Android

Cover artKettlebells provide one of the toughest, most satisfying workouts you'll ever have and here we have Kettlebell Training from the experts - for furious fat loss and extreme fitness you won't find a quicker, more effective method of exercising.

Girl Fitness instructor - For Android

Cover artRacing with the model that best six minutes choeyu Jung abs workout!6 minutes a day with her workout!
Functional Description *** ***

Women Menstrual Calendar - For Android

Cover artWomen Calendar allows you to track all your menstrual cycle information and to predict PRECISELY the date of the next cycles.
You can keep trace of all information related to the menstrual cycle and sexual life (PERIODS, MENSTRUATIONS, PILLS, PREGNANCY/OVULATION TESTS, TEMPERATURE, CREATE NOTES...)

MicroTracks - For Android

Cover art*** IMPORTANT!!! ***
Since My Tracks version 1.1.10, there is a new setting called "Allow access" that the user must check on to allow third-party applications access to MyTracks data. So, please check on the setting to use MicroTracks. (In My Tracks Menu > More > Settings > Sharing > Check on "Allow access")

BMI/BSA/LBW/IBW-Healthy Weight - For Android

Cover artBMI/BSA/LBW/IBW Calculator Tracking your journey to your healthy body weight.
The app calculates other reference measures like bodysurface area (BSA), lean body weight (LBW) and ideal body weight (IBW).
• Supporting metric and imperial system (push Menue Button, select Settings)

Marlene Shop & Cook - For Android

Cover artMarlene Shop & Cook indulges your passion for cooking. And for apples.
Have you ever got back from the supermarket only to find that you've forgotten something? That won’t be happening to you any more – with the Shopping List function you can easily note down all the items you want to purchase.

COLORED NOISER - Relax Sleep - For Android

Cover artBetter life at home, greater efficiency at work with noise powerAdvantage of Using White Noise
[Sharpening Concentration Power]

BodyWeight Record Lite - For Android

Cover artBodyWeight Record Lite is an application that manages the body weight.[Calendar]
Please select a date from the calendar.Body weight, body fat percentage can be recorded.

BasalBodyTemperature Rec Lite - For Android

Cover artBasalBodyTemperature Record Lite is an application that manages your basal body temperature.[Basal body temperature]
List of basal body temperature can be searched.In addition, new registration and correction are possible.(Body temperature inputs with "3654". It is displayed with "36.54".)
Displays the basal body temperature calendar.It also predicts the day of ovulation and menses.
Body temperature graph is displayed with the specified date and date of menstruation.

Slimming massage - For Android

Cover artSlimming massage
Slimming massage: relaxation increasingly watching their body fat and nasty, but heart trouble, we can use the spare time to sculpting weight loss, the effect is still significant oh! Note that a vast number of beautiful women mantra: "There are no ugly women, only lazy." Aside just 10-20 minutes daily massage will be more beautiful, oh.

Body Massage - Vibration thera - For Android

Cover artBody Massage (also called vibratory massage, vibra-massage, vibration therapy) is a type of massage based on the use of mechanical devices for vibration therapy, which pass vibration onto the body surface that is being massaged.

Gestograma de Embarazo - For Android

Cover artEl sueño de un embarazo ya llegó a tu vida y como es de esperar, querrás tener el control y obtener información de cada cambio y progreso en tu cuerpo y el de tu bebé.Tal como lo hace tu doctor con la Rueda Gestacional en cada control (también llamada Disco Gestacional, Rueda Obstétrica o Calculadora de Embarazo), hoy a través del Gestograma de Facemamá.com, podrás acceder dese tu dispositivo móvil a todo lo que necesitas saber sobre el desarrollo de tu embarazo.

Self-Hypnosis for Meditation - For Android

Cover artSelf-Hypnosis for Meditation Full Version is now available to purchase on Google Play!******************
Self-Hypnosis for Meditation provides professionally made self-hypnosis sound tracks to help you achieve different states of meditation and relaxation. You can also choose to play the tracks with our hypnosis brainwave tune in the background for amazing effects.

Abs Arms Butt workout - For Android

Cover artAbs Arms Butt workout Simple, easy to follow abs, arms and butt exercises that only take minutes every day to strengthen and firm your body by targeting the major muscles!

Prognosis : Rheumatology - For Anndroid

Cover artFrom the creators of Prognosis : Your Diagnosis - the #1 free medical app, comes Prognosis : Rheumatology - in the same simple and fun case based format. Prognosis : Rheumatology contains 16 cases covering the spectrum of clinical rheumatology.

Prognosis : STD - For Anndroid

Cover artFrom the creators of Prognosis : Your Diagnosis - the #1 free medical app, comes Prognosis : STD - in the same simple and fun case based format. Prognosis : STD contains 15 cases covering the major sexually transmitted diseases in the field of clinical venerology - from HIV to Gonorrhoea to Syphilis.

Prognosis : Questions - For Anndroid

Cover artPrognosis : Questions - the newest app from the creators of Prognosis : Your Diagnosis, the widely acclaimed medical app with 1,500,000 downloads !Imagine this scenario: you are a doctor or a nurse working in a ward or studying for an exam.

Prognosis : Respiratory - For Anndroid

Cover artFrom the creators of Prognosis : Your Diagnosis - the #1 free medical app, comes Prognosis : Respiratory - in the same simple and fun case based format. Prognosis : Respiratory contains 20 cases covering the spectrum of clinical respiratory medicine (pulmonology).

Prognosis : Neurology - For Anndroid

Cover artFrom the creators of Prognosis : Your Diagnosis - the #1 free medical app, comes Prognosis : Neurology - in the same simple and fun case based format. Prognosis : Neurology contains 28 cases covering the spectrum of clinical neurology.